10 Best iPad Cases for Kids: Different iPad Types

iPad Cases for Kids

In this review, we’re going to talk about the best iPad cases for kids, and why they are worth the investment. Kids love the iPad and iPad Mini a lot. They love to tap away at the larger screen and are an incredible portable for your child to explore, learn, and express themselves. Kids enjoy playing games, creating art, as well as watching movies and YouTube videos. Unfortunately, it is not so fun for the ole’ wallet to be replacing iPads every other week or so.

As many children throughout the USA, your child might also be suffering from a condition known as butterfingers. This epidemic is commonly found in young children and is responsible for 1,000’s of tablet deaths. Our list of the best iPad cases for kids offers the ultimate protection. It will guard against even the most devious of plots or little oopsies that are just a matter of when once your kid(s) get your hands on that shiny Apple iPad.

Top 10 Best iPad Cases for Kids of 2019

Here are the all around best iPad cases for kids. We’ve included a couple of the best iPad Mini cases for kids too!

1. Dteck iPad Case

dteck ipad caseIf you’re kids are a little older and don’t need something as bulky to protect their iPad, the Dteck cases are a great place to turn. They will get full protection for their iPad, with a kickstand. The best part? It comes in so many awesome prints and colors.

The closure is magnetic, and it comes with a storage pocket for cards or other accessories. As a bonus, Dteck has thrown in a stylus and a cleaning cloth.

2. Pepkoo iPad Case for iPad
Pepkoo iPad Case Kid Proof

The Pepkoo Spider iPad case is one of the best iPad 2 cases for kids on the market. This case has some amazing features that ensure the iPad is fully protected.

Combining the best of both worlds of soft and hard casing, the Pepkoo incorporates a soft silicone inner cover and a polycarbonate hard outer shell. That protects the iPad from the worst of drops such as those when it comes into contact with hardwood floors or concrete plus whatever else your child puts it through (sand, dirt, rain, vibration, shock, bumps, etc.).

As for the screen, they’ve got that covered to with a built-in screen protector that does an excellent job of not compromising on touch accuracy. This second line of defense keeps your iPad looking new and the screen clear and scratch free.

Another helpful feature this kids iPad case has are foldable kickstands that actually work. The less time the iPad spends in your child’s hands and the more time its leaning on its stand the less possibility it being dropped is our way of thinking. In addition to the kickstand, a sticker allows your to mount it to any smooth surface such as glass or a wall.

Last but not least, Pepkoo designed hinged plugs that can be sealed up while your kid plays with the iPad. These seal up important ports and areas of the iPad such as the camera lens, dock connector/charging port, headphone port, hold switch and volume controls.

3. HDE iPad Mini Kids Case for iPad

HDE iPad Mini Kids Case Shockproof Handle Stand Cover for Apple iPad Mini 2 and 3 Retina

With this case, HDE has made one of the most popular and best selling iPad Mini cases for kids out there. The non-toxic EVA foam material is rugged enough to protect tablets, but light enough not to be overly heavy and make the iPad too cumbersome to handle for kids.

The genius handle design allows your child to use it to carry around the iPad Mini and then rotate it 360 degrees to use as a stand. This allows your child to view the tablet in portrait view for those times when they need to binge watch and catch up on their Spongebob. the HDE iPad Mini case for kids is easy to install, protects the entire device from dust/scratches/drops, and comes in a range of fun colors your child is sure to enjoy. Add all this to the fact that it isn’t overpriced, and you have the best iPad Mini case for kids.

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4. HDE-Kids Shock Proof Steering Wheel Series iPad Cover

HDE Shock Proof Steering Wheel iPad Case

This HDE iPad cases is another great example of how to make the best iPad cases for kids. This case is a popular choice because it comes in many colors and an easy to grip case for all ages. One of our favorite features of the HDE Light Weight Case is the built in handles.

This in itself actually prevents a lot of drops and close calls as children will be able to keep a firm grip on it — especially helpful if they decide the floor is lava and are jumping from couch to couch with the iPad swinging about in hand.

The case also features a kick stand in order to view the iPad without having to hold it. The case is constructed with a durable, non-toxic EVA foam material. The material in combination with the screen protector guard against fall damage and scratches that will ruin your iPad investment.

5. Butterfly iPad Case for Kids

butterfly ipad case for kids

We’re a big fan of iPad cases for kids that not only protect your electronics, but look fun while doing it! This butterfly non-toxic kid proof case comes in a variety of colors and inspires creativity. The butterfly wings unfold in the back to create a durable kickstand. While we have linked to a specific brand, you can find this design made by a few different brands around Amazon.

The material is made from EVA foam rubber material, and is ultralight but it does absorb shock well when dropped. It doesn’t have a built in screen protector, so we recommend buying one separately to protect from scratches and cracks. However, the cover is thick enough to help prevent the screen from hitting the ground when dropped on it’s face.

6. PIXIU Rugged 3 Layer Defender Case for iPad

PIXIU Pad mini 2 case and iPad mini 3 case for KidsWe are a big fan of PIXIU’s iPad Air and standard iPad cases, and their iPad Mini case is no exception. We think it’s the best iPad Mini 2 case for kids. The rugged design is a really nice aesthetic and all those little grooves aid your little one in not losing their grip. The hinged plugs do in excellent job of sealing the important ports and keeping your child from sticking things in places they shouldn’t be stuck.

The quality silicone material hides fingerprints well, and protects the iPad mini from dust and drops. It is soft enough to be kid friendly while the inner hard shell guards against those really nasty drops. The unique look, sturdy build, and fair price all add up to help this case make our list of the best iPad cases for kids.

7. Lioeo iPad Case for Kids

Lioeo iPad Case for Kids

If you have an older edition of the iPad, this is an adorable and durable case to get for your children to use. The Lioeo iPad Case is durable and comes in a plethora of colors. It’s also really affordable, coming in at under $20.

Like the Speck iGuy, it also has legs to stand on, but in addition features steering wheel handles on the other three sides of it.

8. Kidspr Protective iPad Case

Kidspr Protective iPad Case

While it might not seem like a case designed specifically for kids, this durable case not only comes in some amazingly fun colors- it is also covered by a 12 month warranty. The dual layer design is something that Otterbox has mastered, but many off brands have been able to successfully mimic.

This shell case is perfect for shock absorbency, with a grip handle that rotates 180 degrees. The ports for headphones and charging are all covered with rubber stoppers that move easily for access.

9. Speck iGuy Freestanding Case for iPad

speck best ipad case for kids

Speck makes some amazing tablet and phone accessories and cases. The Speck iGuy brings a smile to our face over here at Imagination Ward. It fits all full size iPads. It’s kid tested and the thick foam construction is just enough protection without losing flexibility.

The best part about this iPad case for kid is obviously it’s ability to stand up on it’s own two legs! There are a lot of knock of versions of this case, so make sure you’re getting the Speck brand when you start shopping!

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10. Otterbox Defender Series iPad Case

Otterbow Defender Series Case for iPad

OtterBox is one of the leaders in the case game and that includes tablet cases. In addition to the clever name, OtterBox turns out some quality cases that have some of the best in class drop protection ratings. The Otterbox Defender is easily one of the best iPad air 2 cases for kids. It is practically indestructible. OK, don’t let little Bobby drop it off the Space Needle or anything but this case can take a beating.

The tried and true feature that makes this case one of the best iPad cases for kids is the 3-layer technology. The cover + shell + stand work together to deflect and absorb shock when your iPad Air 2 takes a drop or wild haymaker. The stand doubles as an extra layer of protection with this case.

The downside of this case however is the fact that it is not waterproof. This means you will need to keep a close eye on you kids if they are playing with the iPad around water.

OtterBox backs their Defender series with a 1 year warranty, showing their confidence in the product’s durability. The port guards and built-in screen protector not only defend all the critical components of the iPad, they also prevent dust and dirt from getting into the jacks and ports (once in there, you know how impossible it is to clear out).

The Defender series by OtterBox also comes in models designed for the iPad Air, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Pro, and iPad Minis.

General Thoughts on Protecting your iPad

Every child loves play time. Back in the day, children used to play outside most of the time. Today, there are so many indoor electronic games and shows to watch that children prefer staying indoors for hours on end. Many of those sources of entertainment are found on expensive devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The iPad in particular is one of the most expensive and it makes sense to protect your investment before handing it over to the chaotic, trouble causing little ones.

Don’t send your iPad to an early grave!

When your kids are playing with your iPad however, it is impossible to control their every movement. You’ve got lunch to make, housework to do, and errands to run. Truth be told children are rough, messy, and they really do not know the importance of being gentle at such a young age.

No need to deny your kids some fun (or a little time of relaxation for yourself while the iPad keeps them busy). Put your faith in one of the best kids iPad cases. Indeed, an iPad case is much less costly then buying a new iPad every few months.

Benefits of iPad Cases for Kids

Benefits of iPad Case Designed for Kids

There are a number of benefits you get from purchasing the best iPad cases for toddlers or kids. First and foremost, iPad cases protect your iPad from damage. Kids iPad cases are built with additional layers or special materials to absorb shock. Plus, with screen protectors and hinged plugs it prevents your child from scratching the screen or sticking things into important ports and ruining them. A well designed case is your best bet for keeping your iPad looking and functioning like new.

iPad cases for kids usually come in fun colors and styles. For example, the HDE case in our list comes in cat and elephant shapes and a variety of colors. This little bit of extra creativity is sure to please the kids.

Another advantage you get from iPhone cases for kids is the fact that you have a choice when it comes to the material. Kids’ iPad cases come in many materials such as leather, gel, and silicon. This is important because it enables you to choose a material that is the most difficult for your kid to damage as well as being soft enough that they can’t hurt themselves with it.

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Last but not least, there is an advantage in the fact that the best iPad cases for kids are easy to remove. When you need to take it to work or out on the go with you, you don’t want to be carrying around a bright pink case with cat ears. Of course, you could just buy another iPad but money doesn’t grow on trees!

Things to Look for Before Buying an iPad Case for Kids

A lot of people like to go for the cheaper iPad cases when they are buying them for their children. This is because most people believe that it is better to have a cheap one since children will ruin it anyway.

How to Make the iPad Kid Friendly

When it comes to iPad cases for kids, it is advisable to spend a bit extra to get a high quality iPad case. This is because the best kids iPad cases are made of very tough and durable materials that are very difficult for kids to destroy. It will do a good job of protecting your iPad investment for the long haul.

When looking for iPad cases, there are several things you need to look for before you make your purchase. Check them out in the next section.

Features of iPad Cases for Kids

  • Stand. The first thing you need to ensure an iPad case has is a stand. A stand is very important if you are going to allow your kids to play with an iPad. This is because it makes it possible for them to view the iPad say when watching a movie rather than hold it in their hands. This is one of the ways you can protect the iPad from damage. The more time it spends resting on its stand, the less time it spends being swung around in the air.
  • Handles. An iPad can be quite heavy for a child especially if it as a multilayerd case on it. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the case has integrated handles that your child can hold on to when carrying the iPad. This makes it less likely for the child to drop the iPad; another great way to decrease risk.
  • Water, Dust, Shock Resistance. Children like to play with dirt, water, and they also like running around. When they are playing with an iPad it is possible for them to splash water on the iPad, drop it or even get dirt and sand in the ports. Since there is really no sure way of controlling what your kids are doing every second its good to have a case that acts as an insurance plan.
  • Screen Protection. The most important part of an iPad you need to protect is the screen. The screen is the most delicate part of the iPad and once it gets a single crack, needs to be totally replaced. Look for a kids iPad case that has a well made screen protector. You want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the touch screen accuracy, too.
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