Mixed-feelings As Microsoft’s attempt to Rescue of TikTok

(Reuters) – Microsoft has emerged as a savior to young users of TikTok, who praised the tech industry giant for trying to buy parts of the social media company’s operations,…

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marble floors

Best Marble Floors Vacuum Cleaners

Marble floors are elegant and unique but without proper vacuuming, all that luster and lovely glow can be lost in no time. Since they are made from 100% natural stone,…

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BMW fully electric cars

BMW to offer fully electric cars 5-series in emissions push

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – BMW (BMWG.DE) will offer a fully electric cars 5-series as part of sweeping product overhaul unveiled on Monday as the German carmaker seeks to lower vehicle emissions…

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class To Feature World’s First Rear Seat Airbags

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the is the brand most anticipated model that is scheduled for September launch but that doesn’t stop us knowing some features that will be unique. Among…

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Maserati Ghibli

2021 Maserati Ghibli Hybrid Is The First Electric Maseratis

Maserati has announced the 2021 Ghibli hybrid sedan. This is the first electric car model from the stable of the Italian automaker –Maserati. The car has a 48-volt hybrid system…

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Best Smart Rings For The Tech Fashion Minded

Get ready for one of the next big booms as far as tech fashion goes. Smart rings are the new hotness. And while they’re still relatively new, it’s easy to…

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Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser Is The First To Have Offline File Sharing

The popular Opera Mini browser is now the first major browser with offline file sharing. Hundreds of millions of Opera Mini users can now transfer images, videos and audio files…

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MacBook Battery

How to Check Your MacBook Battery Health

My aging MacBook Pro doesn’t hold a charge like it once did. Because, it’s nearly five years old and MacBook battery tend to lose their capacity over time. And the…

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Airpods, Earbuds And Headphones for iPod And iPhone

Why settle for Apple‘s boring earbuds when you can upgrade to something that sounds better? These are the very best airpods, earbuds and headphones you can buy for your iPod…

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Magnetic Phone Mounts

Magnetic Phone Mounts for Cars: The Buyers Choice

If you use your smartphone for directions or hands-free calling while driving, then magnetic phone mounts for cars are a must-have gadget. Magnetic phone mounts are completely universal and all…

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