Basketball Hoops for Kids: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Basketball Hoops for Kids

Whether it’s for training or for exercise, nothing beats slam dunking in the sun. That’s why we’re about the count down the very best basketball hoops for kids for every kind of budget.

So put the video games and toys away, and let’s jump straight into it.

What Are the Best Basketball Hoops For Kids?

Checkout Below our Unbiased Reviews on Basketball Hoops for Kids:

1. Spalding Ultimate Hybrid 54-inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop

Spalding Ultimate Hybrid 54-inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop


  • Without getting into silly money, this is the best basketball set around
  • Would take a truck to topple this thing
  • Spalding is THE brand in basketball
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Easy to change height

  • Pricey
  • Needs to be set up if you don’t go with expert assembly
  • No other color options

If you’re after one of the best basketball hoops for kids, the Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop is straight-up excellence. 

For those unfamiliar, Spalding is to basketball what Ferrari is to cars. You know you’re buying quality when you see the Spalding name. 

There are two different sizes to choose from – 54 and 60-inch – and both feature an adjustable height system spanning 7.5-feet or 10-feet depending on which height suits your child. 

And because this is Spalding, that rim you see features the company’s patented Spalding Breakaway Rim tech, meaning you can dunk as hard as you can without needing to worry about this beast breaking. 

If you’ve got any fears about this goliath toppling over, there’s no need to worry. This monster based can hold 200 pounds of sand or gravel or 19 gallons of water. Combine sand AND water and it’ll take a truck to topple this thing. 

This set isn’t for newcomers or younger kids. This is THE set for players looking to become the best of the best. It is pricey, but they don’t come any better than this, so it’s hard to grumble too much.

Recommended Ages: Doesn’t say, but I’d recommend it for older kids

2. Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System with Adjustable-Height

Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System with Adjustable-Height


  • Adjustable height (perfect for younger or older kids)
  • Comes with a seven-inch basketball
  • Affordable
  • Base has wheels for mobility

  • No other color options
  • The basketball will do the job, but isn’t a pro ball
  • Will need to buy sand

When it comes to basketball hoops for kids, nothing beats the real thing, and this Pro MinNo 

3. Atomic Jumpball Deluxe Double Electronic Basketball Shootout

Atomic Jumpball Deluxe Double Electronic Basketball Shootout


  • Super affordable
  • Fun for two players
  • Comes with four mini balls

  • Isn’t built to last
  • Not as sturdy as the Pop-A-Shot
  • No real mention of materials used (other than steel tubing)

Okay. So. The Atomic Basketball Shootout isn’t as good as the Pop-A-Shot, but given the price difference, it’s worth considering. 

Basketball hoops for kids don’t need to be super-pricey. Unless you’re after something to help them get better at basketball, you can get away with spending less. Fun doesn’t need to cost a bomb. 

This set features scoring for two players, and in the safety department, there’s only a mention of steel tubing. 

If you compare this set with the Pop-A-Shot, the Pop will win. That set is way more long-lasting,  features much higher quality materials and looks a lot more high-end.

The Atomic Basketball Shootout, on the other hand, will do the job in the short term and is perfect for if you’re on a budget, just don’t expect it to last indefinitely. 

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

4. MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoops for Kids

MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop

If you’re looking to get your kids into sports, there’s nothing wrong with going for a cheaper option like the MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop to see how they take to it. There are some caveats, though. 

Let’s talk specs first. This set boasts a 44-inch polycarbonate backboard and heavy-duty steel poles. For the price, it’ll do the job. 

The base has a capacity of 21 gallons, which is the lower end on this list, and the height can be adjusted from 7.6 feet to 10 feet. 

So, what’s the catch? There are a few things to consider. For a start, the overall build quality isn’t going to be anywhere near the levels of Spalding or Silverback. For the difference in price, that’s fine. I don’t think anyone would expect the cheaper ones to be of better or the same quality. 

What you need to consider, however, is how long you want it to last for. If it’s for a trial run, that’s fine. But if they’re already into basketball, it’s worth investing in something more substantial (and something they can dunk without worrying about it breaking) to keep them going for years to come. 

I’m also not too sure how well a 21-gallon weight at the bottom would hold up, but again, it’s a much lower price-point so these are the kind of cuts to be expected. 

if your child is new to basketball, this is a steal. But if you plan on seeing them play regularly, I’d maybe consider skipping this one and going straight to the pro stands. 

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

5. Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game


  • Built to last
  • Built to last
  • Responsive scoreboard
  • Tons of fun
  • Multiple adjustable size options

  • Pricey (but worth it)
  • No other color options
  • Hard to come up with cons for

When picking out basketball hoops for kids, you want something that’s both energetic and fun. The Pop-A-Shot Arcade Game is both of those things and then some. 

First, let’s talk durability. It would take a bomb to bring this thing down. If you’ve got adverse weather where you live, or just want something built to last, you’re in luck. The 1.5-inch steel tubes feature powder coating, which helps to eliminate rust and chipping. As for the ramp, that’s made from thick nylon. Likewise, the backboard is nice and sturdy, meaning it can withstand knocks from missed shots. 

The Pop-A-Shot comes complete with 16 games to play, along with detailed instructions. Whether it’s a basic one-on-one, the first to 30 points or beat the clock, there’s a lot of fast-paced fun to be had here.

Something else I love about this set is the scoreboard. Not only is it so accurate it can register 98 percent of shots, it also plays crowd sounds and responds to shots. Nothing beats scoring a three-pointer and having the game recognize your greatness!

The cost is sure to put some off, and I get that, but given how many years of enjoyment kids will get out of this set, it’s a worthwhile investment if you ask me.

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

6. Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoops for Kids

Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoops for Kids


  • Exceptional quality
  • Perfect for older kids or children looking to play pro
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to move around

  • Pricey
  • No other color options
  • Can dunk, but isn’t designed for long dunks

Another solid option for basketball hoops is the Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

It’s all about quality and durability when buying basketball hoops for kids. You do not, under any circumstances, want something that is going to break from using it. That’s why I always steer clear of the lower-priced sets. They’re fine and all, but if your child is going to dunk and play basketball as it’s intended, the cheaper models just won’t hold up. 

The sturdiness of this hoop is all thanks to the Stabili-Frame steel-on-steel connection. Oh, and the rebound on that backboard is killer. It folds backward slightly to offer up some truly authentic NBA-level rebound. It’s perfect for getting used to realistic bounce-back. You’ll be able to work out exactly how much force is needed to land the ball at different spots. 

Something else that rocks, the ErgoMove wheel-barrow design. Need to move the hoop? Just tilt back the pole and wheel it around. Simple. 

This is an adjustable height hoop as well – 7.5 feet and 10 feet respectively – and Silverback claims this will only take 90 minutes to set up, which, while still being a mostly made-up fact, seems about right.

When comparing this with the Spalding set, it all comes down to price. Personally, I’d go with the more trusted brand in Spalding, and Spalding does offer a better backboard, but the choice is totally up to you. 

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

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7. A11N Sharpshooter Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

A11N Sharpshooter Dual Shot Basketball Hoops for Kids


  • 8 games to play in one
  • Comes with balls
  • Adds fun to basketball
  • The whole family can play

  • No other color options
  • Won’t help with regular basketball training
  • Isn’t meant for outdoors

If you’re after an alternative to the Pop-A-Shot, take a look at the A11N Sharpshooter Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

On the quality front, the Sharpshooter ticks all the boxes. It’s made from one-to-1.5-inch rust-resistant pipes, features a four-inch-thick MDF backboard and the return ramp is heavy-duty nylon – the latter of which is thick enough not to tear easily while still flexible enough for the balls to roll down. 

This set also features eight different games to play, so whether you’re playing solo or with a friend, there’s a ton of options to keep you busy.

The best part? That’d be the folding option. If you’re stuck for space or don’t want it set up all the time, this arcade game folds down easily by around 50 percent. Neato!

Honestly, there isn’t all that much between the Sharpshooter and the Pop-A-Shot. For this one, I’d just go with which you prefer the look of. Don’t you love it when it’s that simple?

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

8. Silverback 54-inch In-Ground Basketball Hoops for Kids

Silverback 54-inch In-Ground Basketball Hoops for Kids


  • Great warranty
  • Excellent stability
  • Really killer backboard

  • Pricey
  • No other color options
  • Will need setting up

While I love the Silverback basketball mobile hoops, nothing beats having a real hoop bolted into the ground.

The Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop is just that. It’s not mobile, and as I say above, is for bolting into the ground for the ultimate stability. 

And because this is Silverback we’re talking about, you still get all the top-tier quality you’d expect. The backboard is tempered glass, there’s powder coating on the poles to prevent rusting, and you get a five-year warranty that even covers the backboard. 

The backboard will flex under pressure, meaning you’ll get a realistic level of bounce from the backboard – something that may seem inconsequential, but if you’re looking to train or improve your game, can be the difference between sinking a layup and the ball bouncing back over the hoop. 

As with many on this list, this hoop too is height adjustable, from 7.5-feet to 10-feet. 

In terms of build quality, this Silverback beats the Spalding offering by a fairly wide margin. But, as always, it all comes down to how much you’d like to spend. 

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

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Best Way to Install a Basketball Hoop

This all depends on your setup. If you’ve got a ton of concrete in your backyard, then it’s just a case of drilling in the bolts and assembling it. If you don’t have the available concrete, however, you’ve got a few options.

First up is the Probase Steel Stand. This device is comparable to a giant nail. If goes through the top layer of grass and deep into the dirt, leaving a square opening to fasten the basketball pole into place.

Alternatively, you can pick up a concrete anchor, which is a triangular post with the flat top that sits in a hole you dig out.

Both of the above options are easy enough to cover over should your kids move out and you want the space back.

Toddler Basketball Hoops

The benefits of getting kids exercising early on are many. Plus if you start when they’ll find it fun, they’re more likely to continue on as they grow older.

As Parents notes, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle include a stronger heart and lungs, weight control, and it even helps prevent cancer.

In short, get them exercising. It’s really, really good for them. More than you can imagine.

As for how to get them exercising, the answer is FUN! Basketball hoops for toddlers not only gets them up and about, it’ll also help with hand/eye coordination.

If you’re after the best, I’d go with Step2 or Little Tikes. Both brands are trusted by parents so you always know you’re getting something that’s both fun and safe for younger basketball stars.

Best Basketballs for Sale

I’m sure there are some basketball purists who’ll disagree with me, but if it’s good enough for the NBA, it’s good enough for me.

Always go Spalding.

Now it’s just a case of deciding what you’re after: Street or professional.

This Spalding Street Basketball is affordable and suitable for use on the street or the backyard. It’s full-sized, too, at size seven (29.5-inches) and the large channel design means passing is a breeze.

On the other hand, if you’re after an exact replica the pro basketball players use, this Spalding NBA Replica is the way to go.

It’s the official NBA size (size 7, 29.5 inches) and comes already inflated and ready to go.

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