Blue Yeti Nano Review For The Beautiful Voices

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti Nano is the newest microphone to release by Blue and it will be very familiar to those who are fans of Blue’s mics. The Blue Microphones product line has a long line of quality mics and another mic is now joining that list.

The Blue Yeti Nano is almost in every facet of the imagination a smaller version of the original Blue Yeti.

The Yeti will usually cost you $129.99 while the Yeti Nano will cost $99.99 but has a tad less features. For example the original Yeti has three voice pickup patterns while the Yeti Nano has just two. If all you’re doing is recording your voice for video calls, podcasts or game streaming then it likely won’t matter a whole lot to you.

For the budget-minded buyers out there, it’s hard to get more bang for your buck with a mic that isn’t the Yeti Nano.

The Yeti Nano is a USB-powered mic so it’s very easily transported around but it will take a hit in quality since it isn’t XLR-powered. This won’t make a huge difference if all you’re doing is recording voice for game streaming.

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The Blue Yeti Nano is able to be mounted on a boom arm or it could be kept on your desktop, making it even more flexible. Unlike its big brother, the Yeti Nano only has two voice options for picking up sound.

There are four different color options you can choose from which you can see above in the image. The colors are Cubano Gold, Red Onyx, Shadow Grey and Vivid Blue.

The cardiode option is for recording voice from the front such as talking on discord, skype or game streaming. The omnidirectional setting is good for multiple speakers as it will pick up sound from all directions.

Other mics have more features than this but you don’t really need much more if all you’re going to be using this mic for is game streaming. This isn’t a flashy mic by any means but it does pretty much everything I expected it to do.

An important feature this mic does have, like its bigger brother, is a functional mute button. If having a mute button is important to you then you’ll be happy with this purchase. While you can always mute the Discord or Skype call sometimes it’s just easier to hit an actual button on the mic.

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Bottom Line on Blue Yeti Nano Review

If you’re in the market for a new mic, for $100 this will provide you with everything you need. I’d give this mic a recommendation over the original Blue Yeti for game streaming strictly because it has a smaller size and does everything you’d want it do.

If you up the price you might be able to find better options, but for $100 this is one the best mics you’ll find in this price range. It is a USB mic so if you’re looking for an XLR-powered one you will want to look for other options.

If you were trying to decide between a closely priced mic, such as the Blue Snowball, I’d recommend you save up a little more and go for the Yeti Nano. It’s not that much more money and I think you’d be happier with this product.

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If you’re getting started with game streaming, podcast recording or just looking for a new mic, it’s hard to find one that has a better bang for your buck than this one.