Mercedes Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

2018 Mercedes Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow Unveiled

The three-pointed star car brand has recently revealed an automobile masterpiece with distinct aesthetic of progressive luxury. It is called the 2018 Mercedes Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow. The Vision EQ…

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Truck Surf Hotel

Truck Surf Hotel: An Automobile Mercedes Benz Truck Hotel

This lovely Hotel-On-Wheels was built by two surfers from a Mercedes Actros truck . This Truck Surf Hotel was modified with a custom hydraulic system and an additional double decker accommodations…

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anthony joshua range rover interior

Anthony Joshua Range Rover Interior Details

Below are Anthony Joshua Range Rover Interior Details Anthony Joshua received the now stolen personalized Range Rover SVAutobiography-Dynamic in March this year after working with designers and technicians at Land…

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how to use body filler

How to Use Body Filler the Right Way

Below are the correct way on how to use body filler Bondo is a brand of body filler, but it’s also the generic term for plastic filler that, when uttered,…

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largest Cruise ship

The World’s 5th Largest Cruise Ship Unveiled

The Carnival has launched its largest Cruise ship ever. The giant ship ,named the AIDAnova ,will set sail for the first time in December. The 1,106 feet long ship is…

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Aurus Senat

Civilian Version Of Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat Limousine

The Aurus Senat presidential limousine and Senat sedan has been unveiled at the Moscow International Automobile Salon on Wednesday. The Aurus series which includes a minivan, Sport Utility Vehicles and…

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin to go public with £5billion stock market offering

Aston Martin confirms plan to float shares on the London Stock Exchange, launching on 20 September, 2018. Aston Martin is preparing to go public with a £5billion float on the…

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Bosch reveals ‘Perfectly Keyless’ digital car key app

Bosch reveals ‘Perfectly Keyless’ digital car key app

New smartphone app called Perfectly Keyless could spell the end for car keys, granting access via a smartphone Physical car keys could soon be a thing of the past as…

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Bugatti Veyron

Man Drove His $1million Bugatti Veyron Into A Salt Water Lake

Sometimes justice is swift, sometimes it may take a few years. In this case, it took about 6 years before a Texas man who owns Bugatti Veyron was sentenced to…

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Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Birthday Gift by Travis Scott to Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner of the Kardashians received a vintage Rolls Royce from the father of her child, Travis Scott. It’s Rolls Royce from the 1950s. Kylie shared the good news on…

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