Israeli Study Finds Marijuana Has Promise for Treating Autism

The scientific community has struggled to gain a solid understanding of children suffering from autism. Since this condition affects every child differently, no blanket treatment option has yet been developed…

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Anti Aging Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Aging is a natural process that can be a beautiful part of life. However, some effects of aging can leave you feeling and looking bogged down — especially when it…

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how to slow down aging

How To Slow Down Aging And Look Young All The Time

The process of aging is natural and it isn’t something you can stop from happening. Nevertheless, I will show you how to slow down aging process. As you age, your…

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Rising Cancer Rates

Rising Cancer Rates Linked To Obesity Among Millennials

A sobering analysis of national cancer data shows the rising cancer rates of six types of cancers related to obesity have increased in younger adults and that the steepest uptick…

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Bulletproof Chest

The Top 6 Exercises to Build a Bulletproof Chest

The Only Exercises You’ll Ever Need to Build a Bulletproof Chest In all honesty, building a chest worthy of a superhero is easy. It just takes is basic exercises ……

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burn most calories

Best Time of the Day to Burn Most Calories

The new findings may not help you lose weight, but they reinforce the importance of maintaining a regular sleep, burn most calories and eating schedule. Weight loss would be so…

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Foods That Contain Bad Fat

6 Foods That Contain Bad Fat

We will be discussing about foods that contain bad fat. Trans fats not only raise the level of bad cholesterol just like saturated fats, but they also lower the good…

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Ways You Can Use Carrots

6 Awesome Ways You Can Use Carrots

Sweet, crunchy and fiber-rich, carrots are loaded with ß carotene- an antioxidant that keeps you younger for a long period. Rich in vitamins and minerals carrot can be useful in…

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drinking water speeds up metabolism

Drinking Water Speeds Up Metabolism In The Body

Whether your weight loss plan espouses carbohydrates with no fat or protein with a few carbohydrates, drinking water speeds up metabolism in your body. From the vegetable based diet to…

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never skip breakfast

7 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Do you eat breakfast regularly or never skip breakfast? Many people find that they are often too busy in the morning to have breakfast. Some just say that they aren’t…

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