burn most calories

Best Time of the Day to Burn Most Calories

The new findings may not help you lose weight, but they reinforce the importance of maintaining a regular sleep, burn most calories and eating schedule. Weight loss would be so…

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Foods That Contain Bad Fat

6 Foods That Contain Bad Fat

We will be discussing about foods that contain bad fat. Trans fats not only raise the level of bad cholesterol just like saturated fats, but they also lower the good…

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drinking water speeds up metabolism

Drinking Water Speeds Up Metabolism In The Body

Whether your weight loss plan espouses carbohydrates with no fat or protein with a few carbohydrates, drinking water speeds up metabolism in your body. From the vegetable based diet to…

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never skip breakfast

7 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Do you eat breakfast regularly or never skip breakfast? Many people find that they are often too busy in the morning to have breakfast. Some just say that they aren’t…

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fattening alcoholic drinks

Top 7 Fattening Alcoholic Drinks You Need To Avoid

If you are trying to maintain or to lose weight, but still enjoy going out with friends at the weekend, then you could be taken fattening alcoholic drinks, thereby undoing…

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Plant Sources of Protein

9 Best Plant Sources of Protein

Since whole foods rich in plant sources of protein, you have millions of great options to choose from when it comes to balanced diet with the right percentage of protein….

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how to be mentally sharp

7 Ways on How To Be Mentally Sharp

We live in a highly competitive world where our brain is our most important asset. In this article you will know how to be mentally sharp.The human brain is a…

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How To Clean Fake Eyelashes

Ladies, the right pair of falsies can instantly accentuate your eyes on how To Clean Fake Eyelashes . Your lashes can look subtly fuller or daringly dramatic – and it…

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Detox Foods

10 Best Detox Foods You Should Start Eating

Detoxing has become bit of a trend with all the different fasting formulas and detox foods that are out there. Unfortunately, most of the popular “detoxes” really aren’t safe for…

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Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy

8 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winter

As temperature drops down, heaters switch on, and the wind blows up, the battle for ways to keep your skin healthy begins. Dry air takes away the thin oil layer…

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