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Display Fridges

Display fridges filled with all kinds of sodas, water, fruit juice and energy drinks are definitely appealing to the eyes. These glass door display fridges make it easy for shoppers to snag one last item before checking out.

So, if you’re running a convenience store, hardware store, flower shop, laundromat, gas station, or any storefront where people are shopping for flowers, food, outdoor cooking equipment, grilling gadgets, and kitchen essentials, investing in one of the best glass door display fridges on the market today is sure to pay off. There are many incredible models available right now, but to help you find the best for your business, we’ve compared the six best display fridges below.

These Are the Best Quality Glass Door Display Fridges Available in The Market:

1. Antarctic Star Counter Top Freestanding Display Fridges

 Freestanding Cooler


  • Most attractive for countertops
  • Ideal lighting for display
  • Perfect for Bars/Night Clubs
  • Easy adjustable temperature

  • Only one lighting color option
  • Too small for bigger bars
  • No digital temperature display

Product Dimensions: 17.5″ x 31.5″ x 19.7″
Weight: 48.5 Pounds
Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet
Temperature Range: 40°F- 61°F
Model: INAS90

If you’re looking for the perfect countertop cooler for a bar or night club, the Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator is the best option for you. The first thing you’ll notice about this merchandising cooler is that it’s probably the most attractive option on this list, with an all-black design, clear glass in the front, and a soft blue LED light, it’ll look especially great behind the bar.

On top of that, the soft blue LED lighting serves another purpose: it won’t damage your wine or beer with harsh white lighting. That means if you’re actually filling it with wine or beer, you’ll be serving better products to your customers.

Another thing worth noting about this cooler is that it’s ultra-quiet and vibration-free, meaning it’ll keep your beverages at temperature without any noise pollution.

This countertop cooler has three adjustable shelves, and it’s backed by a full 1-year quality warranty. I should also note that this small refrigerator is not intended for built-in use, and should only be placed on a countertop or elsewhere so that it’s freestanding.

This model holds 26 standard wine bottles, but there are two other models available – one that holds 18 bottles, and another that holds 36 bottles. So, whether you’re looking for one of these great-looking coolers that’s slightly bigger or slightly smaller, there are some more options available.

2. Procool Upright Display Beverage Cooler

Display Beverage Cooler


  • Well Lit Interior
  • Tall & Thin (Great For Point of Sale)
  • Great Warranty
  • Logoless

  • Slightly Loud
  • Indoor glass not tempered
  • No digital temperature display

Product Dimensions: 78″ x 23″ x 24″
Weight: 175 pounds
Capacity: 12.7 Cubic Feet
Temperature Range: 33-50°F
Model: CS-360FB

Procool Refrigeration is one of the top brands in commercial cooling, and like the other model listed above, this one has a basic but clean look to it that’s easily customizable. It also has bright interior LED lighting to keep your goods illuminated for your patrons. It comes with 4 adjustable shelves so that you can tailor the display to your needs.

The unit also sits on four strong caster wheels – two of which have brakes – so that you can move your cooler to any position you want with ease, and then keep it from moving when in use.

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This is a great size option for gyms, yoga/pilates studios, dojos, and point of sale areas in any type of store.

It’ll hold roughly 480 cans or roughly 120 16.9oz standard size water bottles.

What’s especially great about this model is that it actually has a 3-year parts warranty on the compressor, and then 1 year parts and labor on everything else.

3. Kitma Sliding Glass 2-Door Merchandiser w/ LED Lights

Kitma Sliding Glass 2-Door Merchandiser


  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Large Size
  • Attractive Sliding Door Display
  • Electronic Controller

  • Might Be Too Big for Smaller Shops
  • No All-Black Option Available
  • Pricey

Product Dimensions: 54.4″ x 29.1″ x 84.1″
Weight: 720 Pounds
Capacity: 44.8 cubic feet
Temperature Range: 33°F- 38°F
Model: FCB48RGW

If you’re looking for a 2-door merchandising cooler option, one of the highest-rated you’ll find on Amazon is this Kitma 2-Door merchandiser refrigerator. It has a white and silver base with black-coated steel housing around the double pane glass doors, giving it an attractive look that’s perfect for corner stores.

It has sliding doors built with anti-fogging glass so that customers can easily grab what they want. It also uses interior LED lighting to make sure your products are easily viewable – even at night. It comes with eight shelves.

Despite its weight and size, it’s actually quite easy to maneuver around, thanks to the four castor wheels it sits on. These wheels also have brakes/stoppers, so you can lock them in place when you’ve moved it to where you want it.

As well as wheel locks, it also has a safety door lock so that you can lock the cooler when needed.

As far as the temperature is concerned, this one skews lower so that it maintains temperatures between 33°F- 38°F. And, it utilizes a digital electronic controller that displays the temperature and allows you to adjust as necessary with ease.

The refrigeration unit is actually bottom-mounted with this one, so it’s not only easier to repair but also provides products that are higher up than the average cooler (which means your customers have to bend less to get their products, and you get to bend less when stocking the cooler).

Kitma also provides 24/7 customer service and 1-year prompt responses onsite services that includes both parts and labor, so you can rest assured that if you end up having any issues with it in the first year, Kitma will help you out.

4. Dukers 3-Door Commercial Display Merchandiser

Dukers 3-Door Commercial Display Merchandiser


  • Stainless Steel
  • 3-Doors
  • Bright Lighting

  • Prominent Dukers Branding
  • No Freezer Option
  • Too Big for Smaller Stores/Shops

Product Dimensions: 78″ x 32″ x 79.5″
Weight: 523 pounds
Capacity: 69.4 Cubic Feet
Temperature Range: 33-41°F
Model: DSM-68SR

The Dukers DSM-68SR is a brightly-lit 3-door display cooler merchandising refrigerator that’s great for convenience and grocery stores. It’s massive, with a whopping 69.4 cubic feet of interior space you can use to stock any beverages or refrigerated products.

This Dukers model also uses a natural refrigerant known as R290 to efficiently cool your beverages better than freon would. It also has super bright energy-efficient LED lighting that runs along the sides of the display cooler.

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It has an exterior digital display for the temperature for convenience, and the glass it anti-fogging for ultimate visibility.

It sits on wheels, so it’s relatively easy to move into position.

Our biggest gripe with this model is the Dukers brand, which is prominently displayed at the top of the cooler.

5. Phiestina 24-Inch 175-Can Countertop Fridge

Phiestina 24-Inch 175-Can Countertop Fridge


  • Ultra Quiet
  • Modern Look
  • Holds 175 Cans
  • Cool Lighting

  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t Get Lower Than 38
  • No Customization Options

Product Dimensions: 38.5″ x 30″ x 29″
Weight: 145 pounds
Capacity: 46 bottles or 175 cans
Temperature Range: 40°F- 66°F
Model: PH-46BD3L

If you’re looking for another great modern-looking countertop cooler to add to your bar or cafe, the Phiestina 24-inch beverage cooler is the perfect choice. Not only does it hold up to 175 cans or 46 bottles, it also looks super clean and sleek while doing so.

Best of all is that it’s SUPER quiet, hardy making any sort of hum or buzz while still doing its job to keep your beverages cool. It uses a high-tech compressor and uniquely designed air duct system to ensure quiet performance.

This Phiestina cooler also has a reversible door hinge, so that you can place it on either the left or the right side of the unit. It comes with adjustable and removable shelves so that you can easily tailor it to your needs.

It comes with a 1 year warranty, as well as a contact email and phone number to contact with any issues you might have while using it.

6. KoolMore Glass 3-Door Merchandiser Display Fridges

KoolMore Glass 3-Door Merchandiser


  • 3-Doors w/ Security Locks for Each
  • Light Switch/Temperature Monitor on the Outside
  • Great temperature range for various uses
  • Great for floral shops, convenience stores, corner shops, liquor stores

  • Weak shelves
  • Instructions poorly translated
  • Middle section could use more light

Product Dimensions: 80.8″ x 30″ x 78.2″
Weight: 614 Pounds
Capacity: 57.5 cubic feet
Temperature Range: 32°F- 50°F
Model: MGR-3GD

If you’re looking for a 3-door cooler to add to your corner store or restaurant, KoolMore’s Commercial Glass 3-Door Merchandiser is a great option that comes in at a great price point. Not only does it have a clean look, but it also isn’t overly bulky, despite having 3 doors. This cooler comes with 12 individually adjustable shelves (4 for each of the 3 doors).

I’ll also note that, while it’s intended to hold grocery items and beverages, it’s also GREAT for floral shops to keep their flowers cool.

It also has an LED-backlit advertising canopy at the top, as well as LED interior lighting to keep your products beautifully displayed.

The KoolMore fridge also has a programmable temperature control system so that you can easily keep your products to temperature throughout the week.

The MGR-3GD model is NSF and ETL listed, so it means it’s approved for commercial use.

How To Determine Your Specific Business Needs

Display fridges have been shown to help businesses make a little extra cash as not many customers can resist grabbing one last thing before they head out the door. A great marketing tool for all kinds of our businesses, our list of the best display fridges features eight quality machines sure to help any business.

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While there are some generic-looking merchandising fridges available, your best bet is to have a more precise idea for your business needs. The first step is determining the size of the fridge you want for your business. The fridges above come in all shapes and sizes, but, luckily, I’ve included the dimensions and capacity for each product. Your second step is to figure out what the fridge’s general purpose is going to be. For example, if you’re looking for a small bar fridge to put on a counter behind the bar, you’ll want something that has a cooler look to match the vibe of your bar (typically achieved with LED lighting and a black case). But if you are looking for something to put up by a store’s front registers, you’re going to likely want a cooler that’s tall and thin.

Are you putting flowers in your cooler for your floral shop? Go with a fridge that has customizable shelving so that you can make sure your plants will fit.

Open Display Fridges Versus Glass Door Display Fridges

Although we’ve featured only glass door display fridges on this list, your business can also use open display refrigerators instead. Again, it all depends on exactly the type of business you’re running.

You’ll mostly find open display refrigerators in grocery and convenience stores. Small open displays are also great for point of sale areas because you can provide drinks and snacks that are highly accessible.

How Do You Like Your Drinks To Be Cold?

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold beverage, am I right? Especially on those warm days when you’re out and about running errands or visiting the local hardware store…summer will be here before we know it! But, did you know that there’s actually a science to cold beverages? Yep! There’s a ton of information out there regarding the best temperature for specific drinks, but for the most part, keeping your beverages between 35 degrees and 42 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot.

For example, a Pepsi rep says that their company’s soda is best at around 42 degrees Fahrenheit, while the Wester Dairy Association says that milk should be around 35 degrees for the best taste. While display fridges will feature many different types of beverages, many are programmable and adjustable depending on where certain types of drinks are located.

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