Business Terms

Business Terms All Self-Employed People Need to Understand

There are some business terms you need to consider before starting a business. Starting a business is more than quitting your day job and putting together a website for your new…

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Study in Germany for free

Study in Germany For Free 2018

Over 300.000 students from all over the world chose to study in Germany for free as a favorite study abroad destination. Students choose Germany for many reasons, but if you have…

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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Power Through Your Day

5 Fast, Easy, and Healthy Breakfast Ideas Of all the meals you consume throughout the day, healthy breakfast ideas is probably the most important. It helps to jump start your…

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largest Cruise ship

The World’s 5th Largest Cruise Ship Unveiled

The Carnival has launched its largest Cruise ship ever. The giant ship ,named the AIDAnova ,will set sail for the first time in December. The 1,106 feet long ship is…

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are you addicted to your phone

Are You Addicted to Your Phone With These 7 Crazy Facts

So, maybe you spend a little too much time on your phone. Or are you addicted to your phone? And you know you do. But does that mean you’ve stopped?…

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Diego Maradona Gets New Coaching job

Argentina legend, Diego Maradona has been appointed coach of Mexican second division side, Dorados. The club issued a short video with the messages, ‘Welcome Diego,’ and ‘Make it a 10,’…

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Nokia 9

Nokia 9 (TA-1094) To Come With Penta-Lens (5) Camera

News hit social media about Nokia developing a new Nokia 9 smartphone featuring 5-camera lens on its back. Now a prototype of the smartphone has surfaced in China with a…

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about money

About Money: The Wrong Perception

Have you been following wrong advice about money? You name it, I’ll bet you’ve heard or read it. Turn on the TV, read a magazine, talk to a friend, watch…

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Aurus Senat

Civilian Version Of Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat Limousine

The Aurus Senat presidential limousine and Senat sedan has been unveiled at the Moscow International Automobile Salon on Wednesday. The Aurus series which includes a minivan, Sport Utility Vehicles and…

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Paleo diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, there is a need to combine diet, nutrition, and a change in mindset. If you’re ready to make a change, you may be wondering “What…

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