Top 10 Best Bubble Machine for Kids This Year

Bubble Machine for Kids

Kids love bubbles. I don’t think there is a child out there that doesn’t love to chase them around. Buying your kids the best bubble machine for Kids could bring them ultimate joy.

What would you do if an alien asked you to define what bubbles are? Hollow spheres of soap and oxygen? That doesn’t sound like very much fun. How about little floating spheres of joy? That’s more like it. Want some more spheres of joy in your kids lives? You need a bubble machine for kids? ! Want to know which of the many are the best bubble machines?

Keep reading for our point-by-point buying guide below!

The Best Bubble Blower Machine Buying Guide

best bubble machine for kids

When looking into a bubble machine, you probably didn’t think that there had be so many details:

  • How many bubbles can it blow a minute?
  • Does it take more batteries than I have on hand?
  • Can I store it easily, or plug it into a wall?

Yes, bubble spheres of joy are complex. That’s why we created this guide. In the section below we’ve featured our Top 10 Choices for Best Bubble Machine for kids. We chose them based on reviews from around the web, comparing price vs. quality and quantity.

We feel confident that there is at least one bubble blowing machine on this list that will fit your buying requirements.

10 Best Bubble Machine for Kids Reviews

Without further ado, here are the best bubble machines on the market.

1. Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine for kids

best bubble machine

  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Power: Batteries
  • Colors: Green

Finally, one bubble machine on this list with a catchy name. This quick and hardy bubble machine does what it’s meant to do – blow a hurricane of bubbles. It’s affordable and tired-parent put together friendly. The bubble solution it comes with claims to be the “worlds best” bubble solution. This bright purple and green machine is battery powered and claims up to 500 bubbles a minute.

The issue people site with this one is the same as one of the same as above – if you don’t drain it or tip it over too often, juice can get into the unit and muck up the operating system. Be sure to drain the machine before you store it and not leave it anywhere it could get tipped over.

The Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine takes six batteries, so you might as well buy a new battery package whenever you pick this up.

2. Paw Patrol Bubble Blower

paw patrol bubble machine

  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Power: Battery
  • Colors: Paw Patrol

Bubbles reporting for duty!

This officially licensed bubble machine is much smaller than the other units on this list, but it’s compact. We wouldn’t recommend this machine for extended use – but for an hour or so it’s a cheap option. This machine comes with its own bubble solution, but it’s only four ounces. You’ll need four AA batteries to turn it on.

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The reviews on this one are average. It’s not a heavy duty machine, so as long as that’s not your expectation, you should be happy. Be sure to drain all bubble residue after using, there are some reports of the solution leaking into the battery compartment.

3. Geekper Upgraded Bubble Machine Automatic Durable Maker

best bubble machines

  • Capacity: 6 oz
  • Power: Battery
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow

Another no-nonsense named model, this soccer ball looking bubble machine has three and a half stars on Amazon. It too claims it puts out over 500 bubbles per minute and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Along with the number of bubbles the manufacturers claim that it has “rapid fire” output. It takes four AA batteries to maintain its speed.

Make sure you place this on a solid surface since the battery compartment is on the bottom. Placing a towel under it may help keep spills that affect the batteries at bay. This model does not come with its own bubble mixture, so be sure to buy it separately

4. 1byone Professional Bubble Machine for kids

best portable bubble machine

  • Capacity: 12.8 oz
  • Power: Batteries
  • Colors: Blue, White

Finishing out our list is this heavy-duty, six-ish pound bubble machine. It’s the tried and true standard when it comes to mechanically blown bubbles. The best bubble machine even comes with its own mounting port on the handle, in case you wanted to install it as a permanent feature.

The only downside about this machine is that it produces a ton of bubbles. Too many bubbles isn’t a problem, but some of the bubble splatter from the machine’s speed can be slippery. That said, don’t use it inside unless you place a towel or a cloth place-mat underneath, to cut down on slips.

You’ll pay a little higher for this machine, but it’s the same style as big-time bubble players use. It doesn’t take batteries and it doesn’t need super frequent refills. If anything, this is the old dependable of bubble machines the question is – do you want to shell out forty bucks for it?

5. Bubble Machine Automatic and Durable

automatic bubble machine

  • Capacity: 6 oz
  • Power: Battery
  • Colors: Fish, Octopus

This silly and fun looking bubble blower has a long name, but we guess that means they didn’t spend that much money on marketing. It has high amazon reviews and claims to blow 500 bubbles per minute. The “simple and easy to use” model is bright blue, in the shape of a dolphin. The bubbles come out the dolphin’s mouth and it has orange fin detail. It comes with its own bubble solution and runs on double A batteries.

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The only real complaint in the reviews is that it uses up a lot of solution, so be sure to have extra on hand. Because of the fun shape, we vote this as the best kids bubble machine.

6. Prosource Turbo DELUXE Bubble Machine Maker

deluxe bubble machine

  • Capacity: 10 oz
  • Power: AC
  • Colors: Silver

Do you need serious level bubbles? We’re talking about the kind you’d expect at the fair or a funhouse. As you can tell by its name, this machine doesn’t joke around.

It even looks heavy duty, with silver metal casing and black detailing. The surprising thing about this model, other than how durable it is? How quiet its motor is. Prosource Turbo DELUXE a nice choice if you need to fill a large room with bubbles, especially somewhere outside.

The downsides of this machine aren’t much unless you’re trying to operate it without a power source. Due to the motor strength, this machine cannot operate off batteries. It also uses up a lot of bubble liquid, which we’ve said about most machines, but this one uses significantly more.

7. Little Kids Fubbles Bubbles Blastin Party Machine

fubbles bubble machine

  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Power: Batteries
  • Colors: Pink, Orange, Blue

If you’re looking for something small-scale to use a few times this is the price point for you. For under ten dollars you can get this three-star rated bubble machine. We won’t beat around the bush – you’re getting what you pay for. It comes with four ounces of bubble solution, included in the low price. The price makes it runner up for best kids bubble machine.

People in the reviews like that it doesn’t run out of bubble solution too fast, but also complain that it randomly stops working. But, it’s great in a pinch, for less than a ten spot.

8. Lightahead Portable Hubble Bubble Blowing Machine

portable bubble machine

  • Capacity: ~16oz
  • Power: AC or Battery
  • Colors: Black

The Lightahead Portable machine has high reviews on Amazon. It claims to be safe for both indoor and outdoor use and works via batteries or a wall plug. Physically, it’s six inches long by three inches wide, by three inches tall. The handle on the unit adds some height, but it collapses for easy storage. Lightahead claims it works with any standard bubble mix, but we’d recommend you use something high quality.

The main complaint about this unit is that it makes some noise, described as a “slight whirring. We’re sure it wouldn’t bother anyone during a kids party, but maybe it’s not the best bubble blower machine if you’re using it for theater or production. This bubble machine is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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9. Toysmith Bubble Party Machine

best automatic bubble machine

  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Power: Battery or AC
  • Colors: Blue

If you want something at a higher price point than #7 but lower than #6, this is a good middle choice! The blue and grey design doesn’t blend in as well as the black – but who are you trying to fool? The plastic exterior on this is light-weight but durable. It won’t succumb to cracks as much as the cheaper models. It uses two size C batteries or plugs into the wall.

Toysmith doesn’t specify how many bubbles it blows a minute, but the reviews are happy with its production and performance. This model doesn’t come with bubble mix, so you’ll have to make or buy your own.

10. My Bubble Blizzard Machine

my bubble machine

  • Capacity: Unlisted
  • Power:  Battery or AC
  • Colors: Blue

This official-looking orange, yellow, and blue unit is not joking around. The entire brand that makes it is dedicated to bubble machines. It’s premium quality ABS – nontoxic plastic, so it’s safe and durable around your little ones. My Bubble Machine charges with an AV cable or runs off 5V batteries (single A).

It comes with a handle you can hang off of small branches or rods, or pick up and carry in your hand. Cleaning wise, it has it’s own removable cover so that dust and general garage dirt doesn’t muck up the system. The main complaint is that this unit uses too much bubble juice, which seems to be a common occurrence in this category.

We recommend this model to people who plan to use a bubble machine for large events – since it seems to live up to the demand.

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